Whether we are suffering from a Glyconutrients and Specific Medical Conditionsor not, our bodies need glyconutrients to function.

From the Scientific Validation for Glyconutrients scientific research evidence it is clear that if our body is suffering from an auto-immune disorder or degenerative condition it can benefit from glyconutrients, notably the eight essential glyconutrients. These glyconutrients help our body to exercise its incredible ability to heal, repair, regenerate, regulate and protect itself just by giving it the raw materials it is already pre-programmed to use.

And the evidence is also clear that by the same processes, the eight necessary glyconutrients are essential to maintaining a healthy body in optimal wellness. If we were getting the essential glyconutrients in our diet in sufficient quantities, we would not need supplementation, but unfortunately current agricultural practices leave our foods with few of the eight essentials.

The bottom line is: If we are alive and have cells, we need the eight essential glyconutrients.